Five Car Garage For $15k (Intermittent Ebay Challenge Substitute)

You can feel like a rich individual for not very much if you live in the part of the country that allows it and have the proper kinds of priorities. You also have to be able to talk with your spouse in a manner that oozes confidence without being abusive and being earnest without being whiny and of course have the spare ten grand or so to back up your cherished whims. It also helps to make sure there is another ten grand or so to perhaps apply to your spouse’s cherished whims.

For people who buy townhouses in good school districts, five cars is difficult to pull off, but it isn’t necessarily impossible. I think it is doable, although in my case it is unlikely. At the moment two is almost excessive (we have been commuting together for the last four or five years, I drop her off at the train station in the morning and collect her going home) and a third would be more than kind of impressive. Mind you, once in a while when I take a turn enthusiastically, she lets slip the notion that I could get something cheap to go racing with. (Versus, say, making her car-sick.) She has mentioned it about 1.5 times, I think, so I’m discreetly doing occasional research...


I digress?

All right: Five cars, fifteen thousand, how would you decide? What? Are you thinking minimum of fifty cylinders? Maximum combined curb weight of twelve thousand pounds? Methodically addressing specific needs with each vehicle? Or five of the same vehicle, say four Omnis and a Horizon?


Do you straightforward insist that one of these vehicles must be of a specific brand?

Consider, if you will, the potential permutations of priorities.

Maybe you will splurge eight grand for an Eldorado convertible and then squeeze the remaining four into seven thousand dollars. Maybe not.


Maybe five French-manufactured diesel vehicles...

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